Ocean Sustainability Forum

A Co-hosted Event on Wednesday, 9/20 Presented by OCEEF


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Ocean Sustainability Forum


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The Ocean Sustainability Forum @ The Nest Climate Campus, presented by OCEEF, promises to be a groundbreaking confluence of thought leaders, industry experts, and sustainability advocates.

As our 4th forum, the day will encompass illuminating discussions, ranging from the transformative power of creativity in environmental advocacy to the impact of weather on climate preparation and risk, and the central role of technology in climate solutions, to name a few. Central to the conversation will be the impact of everyday decisions on our oceans and communities. 

OCEEF’s mission is to help shape a world where people understand the central importance of the Ocean and ensure its sustainability by educating a new generation of ocean stewards through critical research and experiential learning.



Welcome by OCEEF

Opening Remarks and Master of Ceremonies, John Osborn, US Director, Ad Net Zero



Sir John Hegarty - The Business of Creativity


9:30AM – 10:30AM

The Responsibility of Creativity to Take on Sustainability and Drive Behavioral Change Addressing sustainability in advertising can seeem like a daunting task.  Fears of greenwashing have led some organizations and companies to "greenhush" and bury their efforts, while agencies shy away from taking these challenges head on. But as global consumers become more aware of the importance of environmental stewardship, now is not the time to hide.  Instead, client + agency partnerships can lean in to create sustainability-goal-driven campaigns that audiences find authentic - and in return, drive meaningful behavior change. Join Jennifer and Amanda as they show how The Shipyard agency is working with client partners to deliver bold creative solutions that take sustainability head on.

  • Save Our Water (CA State Behavior Change Campaign) | For The Love of Water & Tough Love
  • San Diego Gas & Electric | Lovelectric
  • Mammoth Lakes Tourism | Bleephole & The Real Unreal

Presented by The Shipyard

Fireside Chat with Amanda Moule interviewed by Jennifer Owens/Flowcarbon


10:45AM – 11:45AM

Building a Sustainable and Profitable Brand

Building a sustainable brand does not necessarily mean sacrificing profits. In fact, forward-thinking brands that have championed sustainability have consistently outperformed their competitors. In this panel, experts will share tips and tricks to build a sustainable profitable brand.

Presented by Sharethrough, Frank Maguire, VP of Insights Strategy and Sustainability


LUNCH: 11:45am – 12:45pm (Garden Eatery)


1:00PM – 2:00PM

Rising Tides for Innovation - A Conversation with Ecopreneurs Saving Our Ocean

The ocean is critical but often an overlooked ally in combating the climate crises. 

This session explores the startups and funders who are solving complex problems facing the sea and investing in the blue economy. Join Daniela Fernandez, Founder and CEO of Sustainable Ocean Alliance, as she sits down with three startup founders creating solutions to protect the ocean and the planet. The hour-long interactive session will delve into the dynamic relationships between Ecopreneurs working to solve the climate crises and how these startup founders are turning blue innovation into profits with purpose. 

Presented by Sustainable Ocean Alliance, Daniela Fernandez, Founder & CEO


2:15PM – 3:15PM

The Future of Mother Nature’s Influence: Evolving Business at the Speed of Weather

The macro forces impacting our lives - from the economy to geopolitical forces, to global health - are becoming more erratic every day, and businesses and consumers are responding in kind. Volatility is becoming the norm, and perhaps the most universal macro influence of all, the weather, is no exception. 

While we can’t control the weather, we can predict it - and its impact. In this session, an expert from The Weather Company will offer a longer-term weather outlook, discuss the changing nature of weather, and explore what increasingly erratic weather patterns mean for business operations and consumer behavior in 2024 and beyond. 

Takeaways for attendees will cover how business leaders can harness this insight to drive resiliency and to better manage weather and climate risks affecting business operations. 

Presented by The Weather Company, Daniel Leonard - Meteorologist


3:30PM – 4:30PM

Navigating Beyond Climate Change with AI for Good 

This session will demonstrate the moment and massive potential of AI as a technology for good to propel us toward a sustainable future.

Presented by SustainChain and US Coalition on Sustainability, Jacqueline Corbelli, Founder and CEO


4:45PM – 5:15PM

Our Daily Choices Have an Impact on the Ocean & Blue Economy

The ocean covers more than 70% of the earth’s surface, making it the connective tissue between communities around the globe. In this session, OCEEF will explore the educational initiatives that create change by engaging a new generation of ocean stewards and evaluating the sustainability efforts required to make meaningful progress.

Presented by OCEEF, Founder, Alex Moukas