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We accelerate climate solutions through collaboration and community. Join us from September 24-26th in NYC!

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Solutions, Connectivity, and Knowledge-sharing are the robust pillars of The Nest Climate Campus event, providing attendees with invaluable insights, meaningful connections, and actionable strategies to address the urgent challenges of climate change.



The Nest Climate Campus is 100% focused on actionable and transformative solutions applicable across diverse sectors that drive climate action and collaborative initiatives.



Experience the power of connection at the Climate Campus, where passionate leaders come together to exchange ideas, foster valuable relationships, and collaborate on impactful projects to advance sustainability.



Through vibrant collaborations, interdisciplinary events, and open dialogue, we cultivate an environment where diverse perspectives converge, fueling the exchange of ideas and empowering collective learning for a sustainable future.

Inclusive Climate Campus for education, implementation, and financing the future.    The intersection of business, science, and society to advance climate solutions and an equitable future for all.


Dive into these themes during Main Stage sessions, Co-Hosted Meetings, and the Climate Collective Activations at the largest US climate event. Learn more and network about:


THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1    Agriculture, Food Systems, & Biodiversity THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1     Infrastructure, Built Environment, & Climate Risk
THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1    Climate Tech & AI THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1     Climate Finance, Impact Investing, & Reporting
THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1    Culture, Arts, & Storytelling THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1     Industry Innovation & Circular Economy
THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1     Energy Transition, Renewables, & Nature THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1     Mobility, Transportation, & Sustainable Travel
THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1     Health, Resilience, & Lifestyle

TNCC_2024_Web_Campus Map

_TNCC24_Web_Campus Map

As the Climate Week NYC event partner, Nest Climate Campus is taking over the entire Javits North building, facilitating a greater opportunity for leaders to come together to address, educate and accelerate effective climate solutions.  Build partnerships, advance business relationships and expand your network and knowledge.  
The interactive and experiential learning activations in the Campus’ Climate Collective proved to be one of the most impactful features of our 2023 event and it will be the primary focus of our 100,000 square foot expansion. 

As you plan for 2024, don’t miss out on key moments and milestones from 2023!

Gain valuable insights from the most brilliant minds and dedicated organizations at the forefront of the climate solutions movement. Immerse yourself in a wide array of compelling climate action themes showcased on our Main Stage.


Day2_TheNestSummit-402 (1)








Collaboration and unity are at the heart of evolution. 


Partnering with leaders in sustainability to create a unique, central destination for climate action is at the core of what we do. The Campus brings together like-minded organizations hosting their own climate-focused meetings at Javits, an iconic symbol of sustainability.


Proudly serving:



THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1     Business & Finance

THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1     Government Agencies

THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1     Innovators


The United Nations Global Compact hosted its 2023 Leaders Summit at the Climate Campus and will be returning for 2024.


Engage with more immediate and actionable climate solutions. 


Realize the impact of global warming and process the critical science of climate change with experiential engagements on the Campus. Experience how devastating a future without transformational climate action will likely be, as well as the ability to create a much more positive and sustainable future with timely and comprehensive implementation of climate solutions. 
Many of the 2024 Climate Collective activations are currently in development and several will provide for a powerful VR experience without the goggles. It also serves as a home base and enhanced opportunity for organizations and leaders to engage on all three days of the Campus.


Themes that will be addressed in the 2024 Climate Collective will include:

THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1    Ocean Conservation THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1     Mobility, Transportation & Sustainable Travel
THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1    Infrastructure, Built Environment & Climate Risk THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1     Climate Crisis Impact on Health & Biodiversity
THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1    Clean Energy THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1     ... and more!
THE NEST_BUTTERFLY 1    Food System of the Future   


Curious to explore an activation at The Nest Climate Campus? We can help with building out an existing brand activation or connect you to the right resources to create one that aligns with your sustainability goals.


Connecting communities is an essential component of The Nest Climate Campus. Explore the many opportunities to learn, network, and feast!

Opening Night Social - Open to All

Toast to progress with fellow climate action leaders at The Nest Climate Campus's opening night networking mixer! This exciting event is the perfect opportunity to kick off the conference in style while meeting like-minded individuals who share your passion for sustainability.

VIP Reception - Invite Only

A private rooftop reception celebrating climate action.

Garden Eatery

The Garden Eatery at The Nest Climate Campus is an engaging food experience and a place for robust networking as thought-leaders from the Campus gather for nourishment. Serving breakfast and lunch, the Eatery will feature locally-sourced and rooftop farm-grown plant based options and “sips and bites”. Come eat, meet, and grow at the Garden Eatery.

NEST Festival

More details coming soon...

Green Roof & Farm Tours
The Javits Center will be offering tours of its 6.75-acre green roof, one of the largest of its kind in the United States! Comprised of sedum and home to 35 bird species, five bat species, and thousands of honeybees, the green roof has become a sanctuary for area wildlife while helping to reduce energy consumption throughout the convention center on Manhattan’s West Side.
Climate Arts
Designed to Inspire, Immerse Yourself in the Intersection of Art and Action.
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The Nest Climate Campus is a place for new connections. I attended a conversation on regenerative agriculture this past year as I was trying to learn more on how to bring it to my business. I learned a lot of actionable solutions during the session, and it turned out I met the founder of Forested, who sat next to me. Forested is a regenerative ag. collective in East Africa, and together we are now working to build regenerative ag. scalability for the beauty industry.

Jamie Richards | Director of ESG, Amika and Eva NYC

I love the focus The Nest Climate Campus provides on actionable climate solutions. My experience there was inspiring, informative, and thought-provoking, and it was exciting to engage with so many other professionals working to accelerate Climate Action and the path to net zero. I can’t wait to participate on the Campus in 2023.

Suzanne Long | Chief Sustainability and Transformation Officer, Albertson's

"I appreciated the professionalism and high production value I experienced as a moderator at the Nest Summit, and enjoyed learning from other climate experts as an attendee."

Whitney Bauck | Independent climate and environment reporter who contributes to the New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times, Guardian, and more

The Nest Climate Campus proves that every job can be a climate job! This event is a valuable, positive, and diverse space where climate experts, businesses, thought leaders, activists, and many others meet to exchange ideas and recharge each other with hope.

Petya Georgieva Miller | Climate Communicator & Author

"It’s not too late to address climate change. We already have enough solutions to stop climate change and more solutions are coming every day and that’s really good news. For the most part, these solutions can make the world better."

Dr. Jonathan Foley | Executive Director of Project Drawdown (2023 Keynote)

“The future of our cities and communities will be closely tied to sustainable, eco-friendly technologies we have available today. We’re proud to partner with The Nest Climate Campus to highlight our work with the Javits Center as a guidepost for both NYC and businesses across the U.S., to demonstrate what’s possible.

Barbara Humpton | President and CEO, Siemens USA

"We are really excited to partner with The Nest Climate Campus as an official partner of Climate Week NYC. As the world grapples with a tapestry of challenges, all of which threaten the most vulnerable members of society the hardest, there has never been a more important time to engage with each other so that we can build a better future. The Nest Climate Campus is a vital part of our mission to inspire meaningful change both in New York and around the world."

Adam Lake | Head of Climate Week NYC, The Climate Group

"As a leader in the move to create a greener future, New York City is proud to host Climate Week NYC and The Nest Climate Campus. At a critical time for accelerating climate action, the Climate Campus is providing sustainability leaders in business, government and research an outstanding opportunity to advance their efforts in addressing the existential threats of climate change."

Fred Dixon | President & CEO, NYC Tourism + Conventions

"As an iconic venue with the largest green roof and rooftop solar array in New York City, we are honored to host The Nest Climate Campus during Climate Week NYC. The innovative environmental measures we have implemented at the Javits Center have shown the meaningful impact of sustainability on our entire community, an impact on those with wings and on those without. This is the perfect setting to champion the importance of climate action and demonstrate how buildings and corporations can build a better world for all of us."

Alan Steel | President & CEO, The Javits Convention Center

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