Bonnie Schneider, Master of Ceremonies


Bonnie Schneider is a national television meteorologist and the author of Taking the Heat: How Climate Change is Affecting Your Mind, Body & Spirit, and What You Can Do About It, (Simon & Schuster).

Publisher’s Weekly describes TAKING THE HEAT as...

“...a powerful guide to personal and planetary health. For those interested in staying well while the planet changes, this book is a must-read."

Bonnie created the platform Weather & Wellness©, successfully launching its original video content focusing on climate change and health. She is currently developing predictive analytics that integrates deep learning and AI to mitigate climate risk impacts for the healthcare industry. 



Bonnie is an advisor and consultant evaluating climate risk and extreme weather preparedness for organizations globally. Her professional services include tropical cyclone monitoring, climate projections customized by location and timescale, historical climate analysis, and forecasting for renewable energy. 

Bonnie provided on-camera insight and expertise covering everything from hurricanes to snowstorms for MSNBC, CNN, HLN, Bloomberg TV, and The Weather Channel. 

Joining The Nest Summit Campus as the Master of Ceremonies, Bonnie will host top climate leaders from across industries on the Main Stage.


Recent Publications from Bonnie

Dangerous Texas Heat: Power Outages, Climate Change + Human Health

Maximum High Temperatures forecast for Monday, July 11, 2022 by 8 pm tonight. Courtesy: NOAA7/11/2022

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I'm A Meteorologist & This Is How Climate Change Is Affecting Your Health

The Change Moment


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Taking the Heat: How Climate Change Is Affecting Your Mind, Body, and Spirit and What You Can Do About It

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