The Beauty of ESG: How to Integrate ESG into Beauty and Personal Care

With upcoming rules and regulations and the combined effects of climate change, it is now more important than ever to integrate the principles of ESG into a business. Topics to be covered include: emissions calculations, certification and claims, packaging, ingredients, transportation, waste management, resource management, communication, and social investments.

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About The Speakers

Jamie Richards

 Jamie Richards - Director of ESG, Amika and Eva NYC

Jamie is Director of ESG (environment social governance) for Eva NYC and amika haircare brands. She is passionate on the integration of sustainability and business and believes it is one of many solutions in minimizing climate impacts. She uses scientific data, sustainability metrics, and consumer terminology to give results in an understandable way.

Jennifer Sullivan - Fat Mascara

Jennifer Sullivan - Journalist and Co-host, Fat Mascara





Jamie Richards

Jennifer Sullivan

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