Social Justice Investing: Integrating Racial, Gender, Economic, and Climate Justice into Portfolios

Rachel J. Robasciotti - Adasina Social Capital (3)

Keynote address by Rachel J. Robasciotti, CEO and Founder of Adasina Social Capital

Rachel J. Robasciotti is the CEO and Founder of Adasina Social Capital, an investment and financial activism firm that serves as a critical bridge between financial markets and social justice movements. Rachel’s passion for social justice investing is rooted in her background as a Black, queer woman and growing up in a community that struggled for safety and financial security within a rural town that was largely segregated. Rachel is a fierce advocate for social justice in the financial industry and is regularly featured in the media as a leader in the field for integrating issues of racial, gender, economic, and climate justice into investment portfolios.


Rachel J. Robasciotti

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