Scaling Climate Solutions through Smarter Investing and Philanthropy

Leaders from the front lines of non-profit organizations share how strategic investments in climate funds and STEM education programs can help scale sustainable solutions on a community level.

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About The Speakers

Dr. Jonathan Foley

Jonathan Foley - Executive Director, Project Drawdown

Jonathan Foley, Ph.D., is a world-renowned environmental scientist, sustainability expert, author, and public speaker. His work focuses on understanding our changing planet and finding new solutions to sustain the climate, ecosystems, and natural resources we all depend on.

Jon’s groundbreaking research and insights have led him to become a trusted advisor to governments, foundations, non-governmental organizations, and business leaders around the world. He and his colleagues have made major contributions to our understanding of global ecosystems, food security and the environment, climate change, and the sustainability of the world’s resources. He has published over 130 peer-reviewed scientific articles, including many highly cited works in Science, Nature, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In 2014, Thomson Reuters named him a Highly Cited Researcher in ecology and environmental science, placing him among the top 1 percent most cited global scientists.

Melissa Uhl - Elemental Excelerator

Melissa Uhl - Chief Growth Officer, Elemental Excelerator

Melissa is Chief Growth Officer at Elemental, a global climate innovation investor and non-profit impact organization. She has helped build the organization since 2015 incubating and launching Elemental’s 5 Year Strategy, Equity & Access track, and Policy Lab. In addition to Elemental, Melissa is part of Emerson Collective and a founding board member of Earthshot Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund that she helped develop and spin out of Elemental. Melissa also serves as an advisor to a number of start-ups and non-profits including Hohonu and the Maui Council for the Hawaii Land Trust. Prior to Elemental, Melissa practiced commercial litigation, real estate, and municipal project finance law. She has also worked for the Environmental Working Group, the United Nations Development Program, and the Natural Capital Project.

Stephan Nicoleau - General Partner, FullCycle

Stephan Nicoleau - General Partner, FullCycle

Eric L Berlow - Vibrant Data Labs

Eric L Berlow - Vibrant Data Labs

Ramez Naam - Managing Part

Ramez Naam - Managing Partner, Planetary VC


Jonathan Foley

Stephan Nicoleau

Eric L Berlow

Melissa Uhl

Ramez Naam


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