How Youth Are Setting The Pace For Climate Equity

Nationwide, the individuals most impacted by climate change tend to be those from marginalized groups and these communities are underrepresented in the climate movement. Climate change requires more than technological solutions, it demands a fair and just approach.

Tom's of Maine believes in placing equity at the core of its mission to create a healthy future for all people. Climate change and equity are not separate issues but are deeply interconnected, and addressing one requires considering the other. To spark insights into action, Tom's of Maine will convene a panel of youth voices at The Nest Climate Campus in September 2023. Attendees of this panel event can expect to see the energy, creativity, and commitment these young people bring take center stage, as they continue highlighting the need to imbed equity in climate solutions.

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Toms of Maine

About The Speakers

Michelle Waring - Toms of Maine

Michelle Waring - Steward for Sustainability and Everyday Good, Tom's of Maine

Michelle Waring is the Steward for Sustainability and Everyday Good at Tom’s of Maine. In her role she develops strategies to enhance and elevate sustainability and social impact. She also manages key strategic partnerships and initiatives with 3rd party validators and nonprofit organizations. Most recently, Michelle was named one of GreenBiz’s “10 Badass Women centering environmental justice at work.” Michelle formerly led Communications Partnerships for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and was the Deputy Director of Corporate Partnerships at UNICEF USA.

Isaias Hernandez - QueerBrownVegan

Isaias Hernandez - Founder, Queer Brown Vegan

Isaias Hernandez was born in Los Angeles, California. He grew up in Section 8 housing, was a recipient of food stamps and lived in a community that faced environmental injustice. These firsthand experiences are where he’d eventually find his passion for the environment, social justice and equity.

Isaias earned his B.S. in Environmental Science at the University of California, Berkeley, and began gaining experience in diversity inclusion work in environmental spaces, academic research, and organizing.

Isaias has interviewed Vice President Kamala Harris and was featured on the digital cover of Vogue with Billie Eilish and on the Harvard-C-Change program as Climate Creators 2023 Program. Now, Isaias seeks to help everyone educate themselves on the intersectional nature of the climate crisis. He believes a diversity of worldviews, backgrounds and experiences are essential to achieve success in the environmental movement.

Alexia Leclerq - Start Empowerment

Alexia Leclerq - Co-Founder, Start: Empowerment


Ziad Ahmed - JUV Consulting

Ziad Ahmed - CEO, JUV Consulting

Ziad Ahmed is a 24-year-old entrepreneur.

He is the CEO of JUV Consulting, a Generation Z company that works with clients to help them connect with young people. JUV has worked with over 20 Fortune 500 companies, has been profiled by the New York Times, and has launched major purpose-driven TikTok campaigns. Because of JUV, Ziad was named to the 2019 Forbes #30Under30 list when he was 19-years-old.

Ziad also just graduated from Yale. Additionally, Ziad is the Founder of Redefy, a youth-run non-profit committed to furthering equality. He speaks often on the power of his generation, and he seeks to use his voice to push the envelope forward wherever/however possible. Overwhelmingly though, he’s just another Gen Zer spending way too much time on TikTok. You can learn more about him via @ziadahmed.

Arsema Thomas

Arsema Thomas - Actor and Environmental Supporter

Arsema Thomas (she/they) recently made their television debut as the coveted co-lead role "Young Lady Danbury" in Netflix's highly anticipated QUEEN CHARLOTTE: A BRIDGERTON STORY. Previously, Arsema appeared in DJ Caruso's REDEEMING LOVE. Arsema earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from Carnegie Mellon and a Master's in Chronic Disease Epidemiology/Public Health from Yale University. In 2022, Arsema graduated from the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). Arsema's diverse linguistic abilities in English, French, Spanish, Yoruba, and Amharic can be attributed to their innate passion for travel and immersion in different cultures. Throughout their life, Arsema had the privilege of living in several countries, including South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Togo, Comoros, Benin, and India. These experiences fostered a deep appreciation for the continent of Africa, drawing inspiration from their Ethiopian and Nigerian background. Arsema's journey is a testament to their talent, resilience, and compassion, and it leaves an indelible mark on both the artistic and humanitarian realms. Their strong philanthropic ties to Africa further highlight their commitment to making a positive impact on the world..


Michelle Waring

Isaias Hernandez

Alexia Leclerq

Ziad Ahmed

Arsema Thomas


Climate action needs all-hands-on-deck! Join The Nest Climate Campus community from September 24-26th in NYC.