How Agriculture is Growing into a Nature-Based Climate Solution

A new nature-based climate solution is emerging—agriculture. Agriculture as a climate solution is happening right now….with significant potential if agricultural carbon crediting is scaled. Companies and consumers can influence this progress through their choices. Already hundreds of Fortune 500 companies are making voluntary commitments, many of them including nature-based solutions such as agricultural carbon credits. The latest United Nations IPCC 2021 report is clear: We need all solutions as the planet reaches a tipping point of an urgent problem humanity has never faced before.

At Carbon by Indigo, we believe farmers can and will be global heroes in the fight against climate change. Our farmlands are viable carbon sinks, which can be scaled through the production of agricultural carbon credits. We support farmers to unlock the potential of carbon farming and remove and reduce carbon in the atmosphere and store carbon to the soil, where it belongs. As the demand for carbon offsets grows, so does the demand for quality carbon credits—credits verified by a 3rd party and include data that prove carbon sequestration or emissions reduction occurred.

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