Getting Unstuck: How We Accelerate Climate Action

The world now recognizes that climate change is a real and serious issue. But our actions to date are woefully insufficient to address the problem. How can we get unstuck, catch up, and advance climate action more quickly? New research highlights where we must set science-based priorities for climate action – across sectors, across timescales, and across geographies – and make more rapid progress.

In addition, we can identify powerful co-benefits of climate solutions – to improve health, wellbeing, and equity – that can accelerate action. And, finally, we need to consider multiple levers to scale climate solutions – including changes in policy, capital flows, business models, technology, and behavior. While some levers are frozen, others are still available.

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Jon Foley - Project Drawdown

Dr. Jonathan Foley | Executive Director, Project Drawdown

Dr. Jonathan Foley is a renowned climate & environmental scientist, writer, and speaker. He is also Executive Director of Project Drawdown — the world’s leading resource for climate solutions.


Dr. Jonathan Foley

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