Capture the Opportunity To Go Further, Faster With Carbon Dioxide Removals

The climate crisis is so serious it is no longer enough to reduce emissions, we also need to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere if we are to reverse the harmful effects of global warming.

High-integrity, permanent CO2 removals, including engineered carbon removals, will play a vital role in this, whilst helping businesses on their decarbonization journey and beyond to net-negative emissions.

(Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage) BECCS by Drax will be one of the largest carbon removals projects in the U.S., generating millions of tons of carbon dioxide removals (CDRs) at the same time as generating 24/7 renewable power.

Respira is an impact-driven carbon finance business which is providing high-quality credits to allow corporates and financial institutes to mitigate their environmental impact.

Together, Drax & Respira will discuss this developing carbon market and projects that can help it to grow, including the opportunity available to businesses to go further, faster, today.

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About The Speakers

Jason Shipstone - Drax

Jason Shipstone | Chief Innovation Officer, Drax

Jason sits on the group’s Excom and leads the Innovation Team, working across the group on both technological and commercial challenges, including Drax’s innovative bioenergy carbon capture, usage and storage projects with a long-term goal of helping secure future value-adding options in line with the Group purpose. Jason has extensive experience of Drax, having been with the business for over 30 years. He has held several roles at Drax Power Station in business development and major projects, before taking a lead role in the project to convert Drax to biomass.

Ana Haurie, Co-founder & CEO, Respira

Ana Haurie | Co-founder & CEO, Respira

Ana has over 30 years of experience in financial services and a detailed understanding of the alternative investment space across real assets and hedge funds, honed over fifteen years of leadership at Dexion Capital. She has a track record of building business shaped by the interests of shareholders and investors, with Dexion being recognised as leaders in corporate governance in the London-listed, closed-end company structure for alternative asset classes. Ana raised over $16 billion in funds for 300 buy-side client groups over the course of Dexion’s rise to prominence. She established partnerships with key clients both in the provision of white label funds and in the creation of specialist, real-asset joint ventures, including US and European agricultural interests, social housing, and renewable energy. Ana co-founded Respira International in 2019 as an impact-driven carbon finance business. Its high-quality verified emissions reductions allow corporations and financial institutions to mitigate their environmental impact. Respira channels private capital into climate solutions, ensuring long-term relationships with trusted carbon project developers that enable its clients to use predominantly nature-based solutions to build sustainable, climate positive businesses.

Gabrielle Walker

Dr. Gabrielle Walker | Founder, Rethinking Removals

Gabrielle is an expert strategist, speaker and moderator focused on unleashing capitalism on climate change. She works with global companies at boardroom-level, analysing emerging trends, challenging conventional thinking and driving meaningful action. Gabrielle gives keynote addresses to corporate audiences around the world and is an accomplished moderator of high-level debates. She has presented many BBC TV and radio programmes, was Climate Change Editor at Nature and Features Editor at New Scientist, has written extensively for many international newspapers and magazines including the FT, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, and has authored four books. She earned her PhD at Cambridge University and has taught at both Cambridge and Princeton.



Jason Shipstone

Ana Haurie



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