Building Back Better Starts With Buildings

The Javits Center has placed a critical focus on sustainability at the core of their operations to improve the quality of life for their employees, visitors, surrounding neighborhood and city ecosystem. And now with a massive solar array system under construction, the Javits Center will soon be providing clean, locally generated energy. If just 70% of America’s commercial buildings followed Javits’ lead, there would be enough solar capacity to avoid 80 million metric tons of carbon emissions – enough to power 13 million homes with green energy as well as create/maintain nearly 900,000 jobs to support this transformation.

The Javits Center is continually transforming to support the growth of their industry, to respond to the needs of the community and to address climate change. By integrating energy efficiency approaches with the capabilities of smart and connected technologies and distributed energy resources, they are creating a model for an equitable, adaptable, decarbonized energy that others can follow.

As we reopen and reimagine our country’s built environment, how can we ensure that buildings are not just sustainable, but that they are optimized to be resilient, hyper-efficient, people-centric and continue to be engines of our economy?

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