Achieving Drawdown: What New Levers Can Companies Pull to Help the World Achieve Drawdown?

Today’s definition of business climate leadership centers on companies doing less harm, gradually reducing their emissions—and the damage they cause— over time. But this version of leadership neglects the many other levers that companies have at their disposal to help — or hinder — our future on a livable planet. A drawdown-aligned company leverages all aspects of its business — its social, political, and financial capital, and the power of its employees — to reduce emissions well beyond its own operations and help secure a just climate future for all. Hear from cutting-edge leaders across sectors working to help demonstrate a new leadership paradigm.

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About The Speakers

Jamie Alexander - Drawdown Labs

Jamie Beck Alexander | Director, Drawdown Labs at Project Drawdown

Jamie Beck Alexander is a solutions-oriented corporate climate advocate, coalition builder, and founding director of Drawdown Labs. Jamie joined the Project Drawdown team from Ceres, where she led corporate engagement on the west coast, working with companies to set ambitious emission reduction targets and leveraging their influence in support of strong climate and clean energy policies. At Ceres, she launched a public-private partnership with the City of San Francisco and Bay Area companies to identify and deploy collaborative solutions to decarbonize the transportation sector.

Vanessa Fajans-Turner - BankFWD

Vanessa Fajans-Turner | Executive Director, BankFWD

Alyah Kanso - Golden State Warriors

Alyah Kanso | Sustainability Manager, Golden State Warriors

Mia Ketterling - Pinterest

Mia Ketterling |  Global Sustainability Lead, Pinterest

Matt Renner - Seneca Solar

Matt Renner | Vice President, Seneca Solar

Breene Murphy - Carbon Collective

Breene Murphy | Vice President, Strategy and Marketing, Carbon Collective


Vanessa Fajans-Turner

Alyah Kanso

Mia Ketterling

Matt Renner

Breene Murphy


Jamie Beck Alexander

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