The Climate Crisis is Our Business - A Conversation with Patagonia. The Proof is in the Product.

How much do you know about the carbon impact of your supply chain? As with Patagonia, it is the defining factor in the company’s quest to net zero. In fact, 95% of the company’s emissions comes from the supply chain and materials manufacturing. Learn from Patagonia’s product innovation and impact team as they share the ways they are working to radically reduce carbon emissions by transforming how they make their products.

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About The Speakers

Matt Dwyer - Patagonia

Matt Dwyer | Head of Product Impact & Innovation at Patagonia

Matt Dwyer is the Head of Product Impact & Innovation at Patagonia, an outdoor apparel company with a mission statement of “We’re in business to save our home planet.”  Matt works at the intersection of technology, business, and advocacy, and he leads the company’s efforts to address the root causes of the social and environmental effects of running a business – its carbon, waste, water, and chemistry footprint from its supply chain. Matt has a background in materials science and engineering and previously led technology development at W.L. Gore & Associates. 

Karba - Patagonia

Karba |  Sr Impact R&D at Patagonia

Karba joined Patagonia in 2016 as an Environmental Researcher on the Impact & Innovation team. They are responsible for researching and quantifying the various environmental impacts of Patagonia’s product line, helping set meaningful goals, and developing actionable implementation plans for the product teams. Prior to Patagonia, Karba earned a BS in Hydrology and a Master’s in Environmental Science & Management from UC Santa Barbara, where their research focused on microfiber pollution in the apparel industry.

Whitney Bauk

Whitney Bauck | Climate Journalist

Whitney Bauck is an independent climate and environment reporter who contributes to the New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times, Guardian, and more. She was formerly the senior sustainability reporter at Fashionista. Whitney was named an environmental reporting fellow at the Metcalf Institute in 2020, and a climate solutions reporting fellow at the Solutions Journalism Network in 2022.


Matt Dwyer



Whitney Bauck

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