Socially and Environmentally Conscious Design: A Path to Well-Being in the Built Environment

With increasing societal focus on health and well-being paired with calls for urgent action in the face of climate change, this essential conversation tackles how to create sustainable, healthy, beautiful communities that are welcoming to all - and continuously drive long term ROI.

Join leaders from Urbanstrong, a pioneer in vegetative building technologies; Veris Residential, a forward-thinking, environmentally and socially conscious REIT; and the International WELL Building Institute, the global authority on transforming buildings, companies, and communities to best serve the people, to hear how they confront these challenges from three unique perspectives.

Attendees will uncover opportunities for collaboration and partnership that accelerate decarbonization and green design initiatives while increasing community well-being.

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About The Speakers

Anna Malhari - Veris Residential

Anna Malhari - Chief Operating Officer, Veris Residential

Dr. Gayle Schueller is 3M’s Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer. Gayle started in 3M’s corporate laboratory as a product development engineer and has over 30 years of technical and business leadership experience. Her career spans a broad range of businesses from electronics to healthcare to consumer industries. She has led technical and business teams from around the world including Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America. She is passionate about making a positive impact in the world through science and technology.

Janera Soerel - WELL AP

Janera Soerel - Senior Director Global Market Development | Real Estate, IWBI

Cory Sauer is 3M’s Global Carbon Capture Lead for our Safety and Industrial Business Group, where he leads 3M’s efforts to develop and scale materials for Carbon Capture and Carbon Dioxide Removal. He brings a decade of experience in Research & Development, ranging from process engineering to polymers to robotics. Cory holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. ​

Alan Burchell - Urbanstrong-1

Alan Burchel - Principal, UrbanStrong

Claude Letourneau is an industrial projects veteran who brings to Svante a broad range of experience leading large world-class projects. His leadership style is underscored by effort, energy, and excitement – the 3Es of visionary thinkers. At ease bringing about change, Mr. Letourneau will leverage his 30 years’ experience in advanced technology development and commercialization to help steer the company to be a global leader in building a CO2 Marketplace. Previously, Claude held senior management roles with Canam Group Inc., SNC-Lavalin Inc., and Kontron Embedded Computers AG. He also founded two technology companies, Vaperma, Inc. and Avestor Inc.


Anna Malhari

Janera Soerel

Alan Burchel

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