Unifying An Industry for Climate Action: Advertising's Race to Net-Zero Emissions

A single organization prioritizing sustainability can be difficult without the buy-in of the full industry and its supply chain. The digital advertising industry, which powers most of the internet, an industry with higher emissions than the global aviation industry, is in the midst of rallying the full supply chain in a race to reach net-zero emissions as soon as possible.

In this session, you will hear how any industry can learn from the speed at which the digital ad industry is prioritizing sustainability pre-competitively and hear a case study on how two organizations - Sharethrough and IPG - are working together to make an immediate improvement in the carbon footprint of their industry.

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About The Speakers

Frank Maguire - Sharethrough

Frank Maguire - VP of Insights, Strategy & Sustainability, Sharethrough

Frank has spent over a decade at Sharethrough conducting research studies to better understand how humans respond to advertising and sharing strategies, insights and best practices that help brands and agencies adapt their unique advertising challenges to ever-evolving media consumption behaviors. He has used that research and strategy background to help build Sharethrough’s sustainability initiatives and has become a leading voice in the digital advertising industry’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

Frank is a digital advertising industry veteran, beginning his career in media buying and strategy at Carat and Zenith, working for clients including Nestle, Pfizer and Wyndham and then opening up and growing Sharethrough's East Coast headquarters in NYC.

Martin Bryan - IPG Mediabrands

Martin Bryan - Global Chief Sustainability Officer, IPG Mediabrands

Martin Bryan is the Global Chief Sustainability Officer of IPG Mediabrands, overseeing the development of agency processes and products that enable the network and its clients to comply with their net-zero goals.

A graduate of the Yale School of Management’s Sustainability in Business Executive Education program, he is a passionate, proactive and dedicated champion of our Media for Good mission, pushing our industry to create a more sustainable future.

Previously he served in the same capacity at agency UM, and earlier, led the US strategy practice at J3, the dedicated team that services the Johnson & Johnson business..


Frank Maguire

Martin Bryan


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